The 2017-2020 Acrobatic Gymnastics Code of Points.

Last update : 2016-12-21


The new Code of Points, the Tables of Difficulty and the WAG Rules available on the FIG website.

Here below are the main differences compared to the previous rules.

Length of the exercises and music
- The length of the dynamic exercises is 2 minutes maximum.
- The timing starts with the first musical note.
- Singing (lyrics) is allowed in one exercise.

- Maximum 8 elements (also in Combined) and maximum 3 individual elements
- There are no more conversion tables. The difficulty note is the difficulty value divided by 100
80 value = 0.8 points
230 value = 2.3 points
- For the 11-16, the difficulty value of the compulsary elements is the difficulty score, from 0.0 to 0.5 maximum.
- Elements with a lower difficulty value (f.ex. entries) do not have to be counted and described on the tariff sheet. This is explicitly also the case for the 11-16 Age Group.

Technical note
- From 10 with deductions for the errors as usual; the average note is then doubled.
- The 0.2 deductions are back in the Code.
- All falls will in the future uniformly receive a 1.0 deduction. All "non-falls" have maximum a 0.5 deduction.

Artistic note
- No more deductions but a positive evaluation instead.
- Five categories for which the judges give each between 1.0 (for inacceptable performance) and 2.0 (for excellent performance) : Partnership, Expression, Performance, Creativity, Musicality.
- So the total note will be between 5.0 minimum and 10.0 maximum.

Balance exercises
Pairs :
- Minimum 5 elements
- Maximum 4 elements in a series
- The end position of a mount must be held for 3 seconds. The value of the hold is included in the value of the mount.
Groups :
- Maximum 4 pyramids, each from a different category
- Transitional pyramids have a maximum of 3 base positions
- Maximum 4 static holds per pyramid (3 max. for the category 2 pyramids)
- Many base positions are removed from the Tables of Difficulty or grouped in a single box. Especially for the Women's Groups, this means that many of the transitions currently performed will not be allowed or will not count as a transition.

Dynamic exercises
Pairs and groups :
- Maximum 3 horizontal catches (1 for men's groups)
- Maximum 5 landings (dismounts + dynamic elements) on the floor

Individual elements
The indiviual elements are not divided into category 1 and 2 anymore. This means that seniors may perform any individual element in any exercise.
For the age groups :
- Balance exercise : 1 balance, 1 fexibility and 1 agility are required. If one type is missing, the penalty is 1.0.
- Dynamic exercise : 3 tumbling elements including 1 salto (no change).
- Combined exercise : 3 individual elements, one of them must be a salto from either agility or tumbling.

Size difference
- All gymnasts are measured from the top of their head, lying down with their feet against a wall.
Size difference is up to 30.9 centimeter : no deduction
Between 31 and 34.9 centimeter : smaller deduction
from 35 centimeter : larger deduction



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