The 2017-2020 Acrobatic Gymnastics Code of Points
Athlete measurement.


The Appendix 1 of the FIG 2017-2020 Code of Points describes the athlete measurement procedure and gives a couple examples of measuring tools.

Here below is another example with building instructions. Feel free to follow these instructions or use them as an inspiration to build your own.

- A laser distance measurer
- A 7.9" by 23.8" (20cm x 60cm) shelf board
- Three (3) L brackets
- A small bin
- screws
- glue
- A decorative shelf bracket to use as a handle (optional)

Disclaimer : This list is based on items found in a home improvement store in the U.S.A.. They may not be available in other countries.


a. Cut the board in 2 pieces, one of them 10 inch (25cm) long.
b. Cut the bin to get an open piece about the size of the bracket.

c. Form a L with the 2 board pieces and fix them together with 2 brackets. The longer piece is vertical and the shorter one is horizontal against the longer piece.
d. Fix the 3rd bracket on the outside of the L so that the top of the bin resting on it is at the top of the board.

e. (optional) Fix the decorative bracket inside the L in the center of the board.
f. glue the bin on the 3rd bracket.


The laser can be harmfull to yourself and others. Read and follow the safety instructions and don't allow anyone to "play" with the measurer.

To begin the measurement, turn the laser distance measurer on and follow its instruction manual to switch to a measurement in centimeters (not in inches).
Place it inside the bin with its end touching the board.
Place the gymnast as instructed in Appendix 1 of the FIG Code of Points.
Bring the tool against his/her head of the gymnast without applying pressure.
Perform the measurement as instructed in the laser distance measurer manual. For an accurate measurement, the laser dot on the wall must be above the gymnast's feet.


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