The FIG Sports Acrobatics Commission


Since 1999 and the merger of the I.F.S.A. within the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (F.I.G.), the sports acrobatics is governed by a technical committee within the international gymnastics federation.

This committee is, like all other technical committees, elected for one olympic cycle (4 years). The elections are organised during the F.I.G. congress held in the olympic year.

The 2017-2020 Committee

The elections of the 2017-2020 FIG Authorities were held during the 81st F.I.G. Congress in Tokyo (JPN) on October 18th-20th, 2016.
Ms Rosy Taeymans ran unopposed for the ACRO TC Presidency and there were 6 candidates for the 6 member positions available. All were elected and the 2017-2020 Acrobatic Gymnastics Technical Committee is composed of:

President :

 - Rosy Taeymans (BEL)

Members :

 - Nikolina Hristova (BUL)
 - Irina Nikitina (RUS)
 - Wieslawa Milewska (POL)
 - Yurii Goliak (UKR)
 - Frank Böhm (GER)
 - Karl Wharton (GBR)


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