Last update : 2020-09-16

1. The federations and other official instances

1.1 : The international and continental gymnastics federations

1.2: National federations :

1.3: The olympic committe and the olympic games :

1.4 : The World Games

1.5 : The General Association of International Sports Federation

2. Other acrobatic gymnastics websites

2.1 : Acrobatic gymnastics clubs

2.2 : Acrobatic gymnastics competitions

Maia International Acro Cup : The annual international meet in Maia, Portugal.

Flanders International Acro Cup : the yearly international meet in Belgium (in dutch and english)

Turin Acro Cup : the annual meet in Italy.

Acro-gymnastics Open (facebook) : The annual meet in Granada, Spain.

Lisbon International Acrobatic Gymnastics : the meet in Lisbon, Portugal.

Vegas Acro Cup : the annual international competition in Las Vegas, USA.

2.3 : Acrobatic Gymnastics blogs

2.4 : Acrobatic videos

Acrogym TV

Acro Sport TV (youtube)

2.5 : Other acrobatic gymnastics websites : a website to create tariff sheets

sportfolio : the website by Isabel Silva. Check out her great pictutres!

The Acrobatic Gymnastics foundation : A foundation helping acrobatic gymnasts : a good site by Sebastian Schipfel (in german and sometimes in english) : former, this new website about all acrobatic sports even though trampoline still gets most of their attention. : pages about gymnastics, acrobatics, trampoline, ... (in english and german)

Acro Army : The Acro finalists at the 2014 America's Got Talent.

The ArtGym Company (facebook) : The winners of the 2015 Got Talent Portugal.

Art Acrobatics (facebook) : The finalists of the 2015 Belgium's Got Talent.

Spelbound : The 2010 Britain's got talent winners.

Region 1 (U.S.A.)

Region 3 (U.S.A.)

Region 4 (U.S.A.) (facebook page)

Region 5 (U.S.A.) (instagram page)

Region 7 Acro United (U.S.A.)

Texas Acro (U.S.A.)

2.6 : Pedia

If you have a website about the acrobatic gymnastics, please let me know and I'll be happy to add a link on this page.

3. miscellaneous

3.1 : Circus / Entertainment / Art

3.2 : Belgium

3.3 : Other sites

mappy : Don't know how to drive to the next meet? If it's in Europe, try mappy!

Duck Duck Go : an anonymous search engine.

ixquick : an anonymous search engine.

Online conversion : Convert just about anything to anything else.

Video formats of the world : To know the difference between VHS, NTSC, PAL and SECAM

Hotel Rübezahl : in Schwangau (Germany) an hotel with a view to the Ludwig II castles.