What's "old"


Here are the news previouly published on ASAP between December 1997 and November 2001


December 1997 :

9th : Official launching of this new internet site

January 1998 :

5th : New information pages : short presentation of the EUROSAF.

26th : New links, little modifications in the federation's and calendar's pages.

March 1998 :

1st : Flanders Acro Trophy : This international competition was organised this week-end in Belgium. There were gymnasts from Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, the Nederlands, Poland, Russia, USA and of course from Belgium. This was a very nice competition with competiors working at a very high level. Partial results are already available. The complete results and some photos from this competition will come later.

23rd : The complete results and some photos of the Flanders Acro Trophy are now available.

April 1998 :

20th : The results of the Junior European Championships are available.

29th : New results : the Belgian Championships.

May 1998 :

11th : New results : the Belgian Championships (B level);
new links.

June 1998 :

11th : The calendar page is updated;
the federations' and links' pages are modified with the new home page of the belgian sports acrobatics federation.

July 1998 :

7th : The Indo Pac Games are over. As far as I know, only one juniors womens' pair was representing Belgium. They worked well, scored high (9.4 - 9.1 - 9.53) and finally got the second place overall with gold medals for the balance exercise. I'm still waiting for the complete results. Because of the hollidays, it can take some week before I can publish them.
The calendar page is updated.

13th : New information pages about the new IFSA code of points.
Calendar : provisional schedule of World Senior Championships
Federations : the federation of Belarus is added.

The FIG General Assembly, held on May 23-24, 1998 in Vilamoura, Portugal, approved the agreement for merger between FIG and IFSA.
Now, the IFSA must take the step at their fall congress in Minsk, Belarus, to vote to dissolve itself and become part of the FIG from January 1, 1999

I learned that Kaat Croubels and Tine Dewaele were also present in Riverside and placed also second but in the senior competition. More news in August.

August 1998 :

13th : Federations : the federations of Ireland and of South Africa are added.

14th : New results : FIT World Cup Series Tumbling - Calgary ;
some new links.

September 1998 :

30th : Many things are new this month. I have new federations' addresses; new photos and new links.
There is now in the calendar page a form that gives you the possiblilty to send me information about international sports acrobatics competitions.
I also have a new logo and many pages have a new look. I hope you will appriciate.

Unfortunatly, i will not be abble to publish the results of the "orange blossom". It seems that the belgian coaches do not have the complete results and the USSAF never answered to my e-mails. Sorry.

October 1998 :

5th : The german pages are corrected (thanks Stefan).
Die Seite auf Deutsch sind korrigiert (Danke Stefan).

19th : The Irish Open is added to the calendar page.

30th :

The IFSA Congress held on 27th and 28th October 1998 in Minsk (BELARUS) approved the merger with FIG.
The 25 years old federation will thus dissolve on 31st december 1998 and the sports acrobatics will join trampoline within the FIG from 1st January 1999.

The Congress also assigned the organisation of the World and European Championships for 1999 and 2000. Although some of them still need to be confirmed, I already updated my calendar page.

November 1998 :

17th : Partial results of the World Championship 1998 in Minsk are available on gymmedia.
Due to the merger of mygale and the (vitual) baguette my URL and my email address have changed but the old ones remain accessible and point automatically to the new ones.
As you can see it my new URL is http://www.multimania.com/asap
My new email address is asap@multimania.com

23rd : Complete results of the World Championships are available on my results page.

December 1998 :

7th : Federations and links added.

This site is one year old.

I want here to thank all those who wrote me mails and gave me feed-back about my pages during this year. I already wish you all a merry Chistmas and a happy new sports acrobatics year.

January 1999 :

Goodbye IFSA, Hello FIG!

Sports acrobatics says goodbye to the International Federation of Sports Acrobatics which is dissolved since december 31th, 1998 and hello to the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique which is now governing sports acrobatics since january 1st, 1999.

We also say goodbye to the tumbling. As it is now under the aegis of the FIG Trampoline & Tumbling Commission, there will be no tumbling competitions anymore at sports acrobatics championships. We wish success to all the tumblers with this new commission.

The federations page and all the information pages are modified to integrate the merger of the IFSA within the FIG. A new information page about the FIG Sports Acrobatics Commission is added.

1999-01-05 : The AFSA and the AGF merged. The federations page and the links page are modified accordingly.

Election cancelled

The election made in Minsk had to be cancelled. The national federations have been informed. We are waiting for more information and, probably for new elections.

The information pages about the FIG Sports Acrobatics Commission are modified.

1999-01-20 : According to a responsible of the Belgian Gymnastics Federation (F.R.B.G.), they will organize from november 1st to november 7th, 1999 the World SENIOR Championships in the city of Gent. There is up to now no decision concerning the world junior championships.
My calendar page is modified accordingly.
The AGFSA www site moved again; The federations page and the links page are modified.
Photos previouly shown on this page and on the home page are now available via the photos page.

Febuary 1999 :

FIG Sports Acrobatics Commission elected

The Fédération internationale de gymnastique has completed the ballot counting for election to the FIG Sports Acrobatics Commission that was improperly tallied during the IFSA Congress in Minsk, Bellarus.
For more info, look at the FIG press release.

My calendar page and the information pages about the FIG Sports Acrobatics Commission are modified.

March 1999 :

Zeestern Trofee

Belgium hosted this week-end an international competition for sports acrobatics and tumbling. 13 Countries were represented and some of the world champions were present. This gave the audience the oportunity to see a very nice competition.
The results of this international competition are available. Photos will be available by the end of the week.
Misceallenous :
The coopted members of the FIG Sports Acrobatics commission are know. My information pages are modified accordingly.
The Austrian Sports Acrobatics federation has now its own website. Its URL is added to my federations page and my links page.

12th : Zeestern trofee :
The first 8 snapshots are available on my photos page.

Open Belgian championships

After a nice competition, the Belgian champions 1999 are now known. The biggest suspense came from the catecogy junior womens' group where the difference between the three first groups was only 0,3 point. Have a look to my results page for the complete results.
The results of the Belgian Championships A level are ready. The B & C levels will come later.

International calendar

The world championships for 1999 are now fixed. The junior championships will be organised in october in Antibes, France, the seniors competition will take place in early november in Gent, Belgium.
The world juniors championships are added to my calendar page.

Zeestern trofee : New photos are added to my photos page.
Belgian Championships : results for the B and C levels are now available.
Errors in the A level and the Zeestern results are fixed.

The merger of national federations

After Australia and in a certain way Belgium, the merger of the sports acrobatics and the gymnastics national federations also occured in France. Details (en, fr).
Information about the fédération française de gymnastique (FFG) replaces that about the FFTSA in the federations list.
News links to the FFG and the UEG (union européenne de gymnastique).

April 1999 :

The calendar page is modified and a link to the web-Ring of acrobatics is added.

May 1999 :

New difficulty requirements for the seniors

At the 1998 World Championships in Minsk, Belarus, many pairs and groups had a difficulty value for their exercices significantly higher than the difficulty standards needed to achieve the 9.7 tariff. Therefore, new standards will be use in 1999 for the seniors.

  Competitions   1,4      2,5        3
Event          Balance   Tempo   Combined
Women's Pair      70       60       75
Women's Trio      55       70       70
Men's Pair        60       55       70
Mixed Pair        60       55       70
Men's Group       40       60       70

No changes are proposed for the Junior Competitions until the first Junior Championships have been held and the results analysed.

The FIG developped with worldsport.com his own website. My links is modified to point to this new site.

11th :
International calendar modified :
The Junior World Championships will not be organised in France, as previously foreseen, but in Poland from october 4th to october 9th, 1999. The new date and venue of the junior world championships are on my
calendar page.

17th :
New information pages about the historical steps of the FIT & IFSA merger with the FIG are added.
Die Deutsche Version ist nicht fertig. Ich werde sie wie bald wie möglich schreiben.

25th :
New photos : the podiums of the Zeestern Trofee
Detailed information about the junior world championships on my calendar page.
Die Übersetzung meine letzte Informationenseite ist jetzt fertig.

June 1999 :

8th :
A new link is added.

12th :
The results of the XIX European Championships in Zielona Gora are available on my results page.

16th :
The European Championships are over. The complete results are available on my results page. Detailed results (with judges notes, difficulty rates,...), photos and a report by Dr. P. Wade can be found on the F.I.G. website.

24th :
The 2000 open belgian and junior european championships are added to my calendar page.
A new link is added.

27th : European Championships
As you probably saw it, reading the complete results on the FIG site, the new difficulty requirements were not used for the European championships. I got the confirmation from one of its organizer that they will be used at the next senior world championships in Ghent, Belgium.

July 1999 :

15th :
The results of the "starts above the boug river" are now available.

August 1999 :

11th :
Some links are updated.

19th :
My calendar page is updated, one link is added.

26th :
One link is added.
The FIG sports acrobatics commission (ACRO-COM) had to adapt the sports acrobatics code of points to the FIG statutes and technical regulations. This was made in April 1999 and the FIG Handbook can be obtained from the FIG secretariat for 20 Swiss Francs. I added some information about this handbook to my page about the new code of points. This page is also available in french, german and dutch.

September 1999 :

8th :
The information about the Irish Gymnastics replaces the one about the ISAF on my federations page.
There are problems with the internet site of the gymnastics federation of the Nethelands. The links to it are suppressed, I will put them back when the site will be available again.

17th :
One year after the first one, here is the second relooking of my site. It includes frames, new logos and some little effects.
The page about the merger of national federations is completed with information about Austria, Ireland and Portugal.
New links are added.

October 1999 :

The junior world championships were organised from 7th to 9th october in a quite complete indifference, the specialised press being in China for the gymnastics world championships. Up to now, I only know the results of the belgian womens' pair : a bronze medal (balance) and two silver medals (tempo and overall). I will publish more information about these championships as soon as possible.

23rd :
My calendar page is updated.
I received the results by email. Thank very much Frank!

The results of the junior world championships are available on this site.

November 1999 :

The address of the Bulgarian Federation for Sports Acrobatics is added to my federations' page.
A few words about the merger of the european federations are added to my "meger" page.
World Championships : The first delegations arrived yesterday, other ones today, Belarus and Uzbekistan are awaited for tomorrow.

The 1999 world championships page is updated; the first photos are now available.

After those of the training sessions, the first pictures of the competitions are now available on my 1999 world championships page.

During the world championships, I received pdf files with the results of the 1997 Junior World Championships in Hawaii. Thanks Dave.
They are now available via my results page.

New pictures are available on my 1999 world championships page, but I will need some more evenings to scan all the snapshots I want to publish.
The site of the "Irish Sports Acrobatics" moved. My links page is modified accordingly.

Other pictures are available on my 1999 world championships page.

Other pictures are available on my 1999 world championships page.
My information pages about the EUROSAF are modified and a new one about the sports acrobatics workgroup of the U.E.G. is added.

December 1999 :

20th : Seasons Greetings
I Wish you all, dear readers, a Merry Christmas and a Happy and successfull sportsyear 2000.

January 2000 :

All the 192 pictures of the 1999 World Championships I wanted to publish are now available via my photos page or my 1999 world championships page.
The Abony 2000 Sports Acrobatics International Cup is added to my calendar page

February 2000 :

The results of the 1999 Wolrd Championships are now on this site.
The photos of this competitions are now also available on this "noframe"part of the site.
A link is added.
An update list is proposed. See the subscription form here after.

Some little errors are corrected.

March 2000 :

The first results of the year 2000 are from the flemish championships.
Some additional information about the Abony 2000 Sports Acrobatics International Cup and the junior european championships is added to my calendar page.

My calendar, links and federations pages are updated.
A link to the Irish Open is added to my results page.
The information pages about the EuroSAF are removed, those about the U.E.G. are updated.
Two sections are added in the news here above.They (will) give you the latest news about the new olympic cycle preparation and the Junior European Championships.

A new olympic cycle begins within the F.I.G. with the startup of new commissions and of new rules.

A new commission will be created on 1/1/2001 : the athletes commission. During its february regulary assembly in Fankfurt (GER), the F.I.G. decided about the election procedure for this commission. Each discipline will send one representative. The elections for the four olympic disciplines (artistics men and women, rythmic and trampoline) will occur during the games. Those for sports acrobatics and aerobics will be organised during their respective world championships. The six elected gymnasts will then choose one of them to be their spokesman/spokeswoman. He/She will be, like each commision president, member of the F.I.G. council.

The codes of points which will be valid as of 1/1/2001 are already for monthes in preparation. The sports acrobatics commision distributed a work document to the authorised persons (which I am not part of) during the world championships in Ghent. A summary is available on the site of the Irish Sports acrobatics
During its meeting held in the beginning of february in Pfungstadt (GER), the sports acrobatics commission discussed, between others, the tables of difficulty. According to
gymmedia, a great number of the represented countries braked an unlimited grow of the difficulty requirements because it could lead to the impossiblity for "little" countries to participate to international competitions.
Everything should be ready for the Acro-com symposium on may 2nd, 2000 in Winterthur (SUI).

The results and some photos of the 2000 Belgium championships are available.
The USSA has its own web site. A link to it is added in my links and my federations pages

April 2000 :

Some photos from the 2000 Flanders Acro Trophy are available.
The EAGC website moved; my links page is modified.

May 2000 :

The results of the "Stars above the Boug River" are on my results page
Information about the Volkov Cup is on my calendar page
8 new pictures are added to my photos page

8 new pictures (womens' pairs) are added to my photos page.
The web-site of the french gymnastics federation moved. The links are modified in my links and my federations pages.

June 2000 :

New pictures are added to my photos page.
The results page of the 1998 junior european championships and of the 1999 british championships are not available anymore on their original sites but their copies remain available here

6th :
A new competition program
According to the official F.I.G. magazine "World of Gymnastics", The Sports Acrobatics Technical Commission not only works on the new code of points but also on a draft for a Sports Acrobatics World Cup Series. In the future, the World Championships should be organised in the even years and the World Cup Final in the uneven years, the first one being held in 2003.

My calendar page is updated.
The results of the juniors european championships and a link to those of the France championships are addded to my results page.
The merger of gymnastics and sports acrobatics federations also occured in South Africa. My "merger" page is updated.

July 2000 :

The results of the Flandres Acro trophy are now on this site.

August 2000 :

The 2001 international Acro Cup Puurs is added to the calendar page.

September 2000 :

A link to a new german site is added.
The dates of the world championships are corrected and an event for beginners is added to the calendar page.

The new code of points
2000-09-06 :
Two of the major changes proposed for the 2001 code of points are :

Lets recall that this remains a proposal until its approval at the FIG congress in november 2000 in Marrakech, Morocco.
More details about this proposal will be available soon.

2000-09-25 :
Some versions of the 2001 code of points are circulating around the world and on the internet. I had the opportunity to look at three of them and they all are different from each other. For example, in the last version I received, the maximum artistic note is 10 instead of 5 in the other versions.
Moreover the Code currently is with the F.I.G. Executive Comitee for approval and they can still ask for other modifications before approving it.
For those reasons, I decided to not publish pages based on any temporary version. I will buy the official COP as soon as it will be available and base my next information page only on that version.

October 2000 :

The work plan of the next world championships is available, together with a letter of Mr. Bruno Grandi, on the F.I.G. website and the start list is here.
The date and venue of the 2001 european championships are confirned. My calendar page is modified accordingly.
A link to the dutch club WIK-FTC Herenveen is added.

The athletes commission

Only one acrobat sent his candidature in due time, it is Glen Wharton (GBR).
Late candidatures remain possible under certain conditions. These are explained in the work plan of the next world championships which is available on
the F.I.G. website.

A link to Simon's Acro page is added.

The Austrian Sports Acrobatics Federation merged with its gymnastics colleague. The merger page is updated and the federations and links pages now refer to the austrian gymnastics federation.
Roman Glaser, the webmaster of austrian sports acrobatics federation site stops with it and began a new one. Its URL is added to the links page.

The sports acrobatics olympic?

1,337 International Gymnast Online readers answerred to this question during the monthes september and october 2000. 55% of them voted against the addition of sports acrobatics to the olympic program. The complete results and comments are on IG Online (Poll #33).

November 2000 :

The World Championships

2000-11-03 :
The competitions began yesterday in Wroclaw, Poland with the women's pairs balance exercise and the mixed pairs tempo exercise.
Gymmedia published today some results in the middle of a report page available only in german. I extracted the results and give them to you hereafter (they are now availabe in the results section).

2000-11-04 :
The results given yesterday will have to be confirm. At least those of the womens' pairs where it seems to an error for the 4th and/ or the 5th place.

2000-11-05 :
Gymmedia remains the only source of information and the results are once again only available in the middle of german comments. For me, it is not a problem at all but, for those who are not like me, I put them together
hereafter. The first results are in the left column, those of yesterday are in the right one.
The results of today are not published yet. I hope to get them when the belgian team will be back to be able to publish a page with the complete and corrected results including the gymnasts' names and the difficulty values.

2000-11-12 :
Some results given during the last week-end were not correct. They are now corrected on
Gymmedia and here.
More complete finals results are available on
www.acrobatic.championships.pl (choose the pdf versions, they are beter). The overall results have just been published on this site today and I am preparing the pages for my results section.

The athletes commission

In spite of the late candidature of a russian gymnast,
Glen Wharton was elected as member of the athletes commission.The other members will be :

14th :
All the results of the World Championships are now (also) available on this site.
A link to the polish site "acrobatic.championships" is added.

An information page about the new sports acrobatics technical committee is added.

December 2000 :

Pictures of the Antwerp Olympic Gymgala are added to my photos page.

January 2001 :

Two competitions are added to the calendar page.
A link is added.

A new website for the F.I.G.

Some monthes ago, Worldsport Networks came into liquidation with as consequence the impossibility for the F.I.G. and the other international federations to update their sites. The F.I.G. decided to manage its own website which is now available at the address http://fig-gymnastics.com/ . For the moment it only contains pages about the last world cup finals. According to its press release, the F.I.G. will launch its new website in totality by the end of this month.

The links and federations pages are now pointing to the new F.I.G. website.

New year, new century, new millenium ... new look!

Once again, quite all the pages of this site have been relookked. This is the fourst look and and feel which is proposed to you since the site creation in december 1997. I hope you will appriciate it.
All the pages now have a .shtml suffix. The old .htm pages will be erased soon.

Information pages about the new code of points are now available.
Little updates are made to other Information pages.
New welcome pages in 4 languages can be found by clicking on the flags of the home page.

February 2001 :

The GASA website moved, the links and federations pages are modified.
The provisional schedule of the next European Championships is added to the calendar page.
The photos of the 1999 Zeestern Trofee are available in the new version.

Results of the provincial competition Antwerp are available.

March 2001 :

The URL of two clubs websites are added to the links page.

The new F.I.G. website is not ready yet, the company that is constructing it has delay. A first part with the priorities defined by the F.I.G. should be available within two weeks.

Other links added.
The schedule of the Flanders International Acro Cup is added to the calendar page.

The results of the Flemish Championships are available.
One more link is added.
The calendar page now also contains information about two international competitions in Russia.

April 2001 :

13th :
The U.E.G. announced a coaches course to be held just after the European championships in Faro. Only two candidates applied and the course is therefore cancelled.

The results of the Belgian Championships are added.

The results of the open Zurich championships, the international acro cup Puurs and the Azur acro cup are now online.

May 2001 :

3rd :
The European Championships are organised this year by the Portuguese Sports Acrobatics Federation in Faro on May 10th-12th.
The participants' list is available on the
U.E.G. site. I wish success to all of them.
I shall be present in Faro and I shall publish the results and pictures of these competitions in the following weeks.

13th :
During these European championships 2001 was Russia the best team, winning 13 of the 15 available gold medals and of course the team competition.The two other gold medals go to the men's four from Ukraine.
The portuguese trampoline and sports acrobatics federation made big efforts preparing these championships "at home" and it payed. Portugal won its first sports acrobatics medals.
Those asking themselve how long they should have to wait to see an exercise with a difficulty value above the theoretical limit of 5.00 already got the answer on the first competitions' day. The russian women's group performed a tempo final exercise with a difficulty value of 5.92 which means a difficulty rate of 236!

The results of the European Championships are added.

The GASA website moved, the links and federations pages are modified accordingly.
A link to the FIG athletes commission website is added.
A first set of photos of the European Championships are up (more to come).

A second set of photos of the European Championships is added (more to come).

Ten more pictures are available in the photos section.
The UEG acro-com has to be elected during the next UEG congress in september. It will be composed of a president + 4 members.

June 2001 :

Photos of the second competitions day are added to the photos section.
Information about the Japanese gymnastics federation is available in the federations and the links pages.
The past events are erased from the calendar page.

Another set of photos of the European Championships is added (still more to come).
A link is added.
The FIG website is now open.By reading it, one can deduct the FIG had once more to change of partner. This probably explains the delay.

July 2001 :

The last pictures of the European Championships are online. Look at the photos section.

Informtion about the Volkov Cup is updated in the calendar page.
A link is added, another one is modified.

The website of the 1st european tournamen is sports acrobatics in Prague is added into the calendar and links pages.

A new "archive" section is added. It will be the place to find old competitions results and photos.

A new "archive" section is added

It contains a page with many World and European competitions since the creation of the I.F.S.A. in 1973.
Results of competitions held in the 80's have also been added, they are available via
this page.

August 2001 :

The results of the 1993 European Championships are added in the "archive" section.

The results of the World Games are available.
The calendar page is updated.

World Games : Sports Acrobatics with an unusual program

During the 6th World Games in Akita, an unusual competition program was used for sports acrobatics.

First, there were no balance/tempo finals. The acrobats performed a balance and a tempo exercise during the preliminaries. In each discipline, the 4 best after the prelims had the right to perform their combined exercise during the final but, unlike during other competitions, the scores from the preliminaries were not carried over for that final. This means the medals were awarded on basis of only the combined exercise.
These modifications were requested to harmonize the competition program (finals starting from 0) for all the gymnastics disciplines present at the World Games.

According to people present in Akita, this special program had a positive impact, making the finals much more interesting for the audience and the media. Due to the new scoring system (execution + artistry + difficulty - penalty), the scores differences after the preliminaries are so big that, if the scores are carried over to the finals, it would be nearly impossible to modify the ranking during that final. Starting from zero, everything is possible, including to have a completely different ranking after the finals than after the preliminaries and these finals become therefore much more exciting.

September 2001 :

The first U.E.G. Acro technical committe is elected. Its composition is added to the information page about the U.E.G.

The European Acro Commission

The UEG technical committee of Sports Acrobatics was elected during the 18th Congress of the UEG in Chalkidiki (Gre). Its president will be Mr. Laurie Colton, GBR and it will be composed of the following members:
Raul Manuel Correia, PRT
Geert Vandenberge, BEL
Galina Kovalchuk, UKR
Wieslawa Milewska, POL.

October 2001 :

Minor updates are made on the calendar, federations and links pages.

The next European Championships

The 2002 juniors european championships will take place in Deinze, Belgium on 19th-26th May 2002. The U.E.G. sent official informations about these competitions to its member federations.

A little correction is made on the information pages presenting the sports acrobatics.
The links page is split into 5 different pages, new links are added.
The calendar page is updated.

November 2001 :

The results of the 1st European Sports Acrobatics Tournament are added.
New gymnastics and other links are added.

Little corrections are made on the results page of the 1st European Sports Acrobatics Tournament.
The website of the polish sports acrobatics doesn't answer anymore. Its link is suppressed.

The first sports acrobatics world age group games

The first sports acrobatics wolrd age group games were organised on November 15th - 18th, 2001 in Zielona Gora (POL). The results of these competitions which going to replace the junior world championships are available on gymmedia.

26th & 29th
Some links added, other ones suppressed.